Below you will find our General Rates. They are general as we need to know what exactly is necessary for your case to provide you with an exact rate. However, the general rates below will give you a very good idea of what the process is likely to cost. Once we have communicated regarding your specific case, we will provide a rate that includes all attorney fees for the services set-out in your individual engagement agreement. Keep in mind that the rates do not include costs. For example, you will likely have to pay the Clerk of Court for a certified copy of the QDRO or QILDRO, and this cost is not included. 

In State

If you have a divorce decree in Illinois, and you are eligible to seek a QDRO from the same court, the general flat rate is $1,650 for a case involving one retirement account (such as a 401(k)) or QILDRO, and $1,750 for a case involving one pension plan. This would include drafting the QDRO, requesting pre-approval from the Plan Administrator, preparing a Motion for Entry of the QDRO, noticing it up before the Court, sending the notice, providing the Judge courtesy copies, and appearing in court in person once or up to an hour of remote appearances, as well as obtaining a certified copy of the QDRO and drafting a letter to the Plan Administrator to have it implemented. Filing fees & costs are usually low in these cases.

From Out of State & Drafts

If you just need to draft a QDRO and have it pre-approved, the general rate is $635-740.


If you were divorced outside Illinois and a QILDRO is required, we will need to do all in the “In State” section, plus enroll or register the foreign (out-of-state) dissolution of marriage decree: prepare a Petition to Enroll the Judgment, and take other steps to open a case. This often happens when parties retire in another state after earning a public pension in Illinois, since a QILDRO can only be entered by an Illinois court. The general rate is $2,000. Filing fees are usually higher in these cases and include a new case filing fee of about $400.

We think you will find the rates we quote you reasonable. You can compare them to competitors. Most QDRO preparation sites will cost you around $500 for drafting the QDRO or QILDRO. They will not file any documents in court and certainly will not appear in court, as they tend not to be attorneys. Most law firms will require a retainer to bill against hourly, and while some will quote an extremely low flat rate at the start, you may find hidden fees for piecemeal work. QDRO, INC., will always be up-front with you with NOTHING hidden. Please contact us to learn more, and never hesitate to ask any question.

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