Regardless of where you are in the U.S., we can prepare a QDRO for you, and in most Illinois cases, we can handle the entire process, including the court appearance, including presenting argument on your behalf for more/less benefits to be paid out. All QDRO and QILDRO questions answered in one place, and one less thing for you to worry about.

From Start to Finish

We will take care of your QDRO from start to finish. Whether you are an attorney or a party to a divorce, we can help from prior to finalizing your case, providing language to include in your Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage. We will draft the QDRO, have it pre-approved by the Plan, prepare the Motion for Entry in court and provide the other party notice. We will have an attorney present in court on your behalf, meaning you do not need to attend in most instances. We will even obtain a certified copy of the QDRO and get it to the Plan Administrator with a letter of instruction on our firm letterhead. All for a reasonable flat fee in most cases.

Peacemeal if You Prefer

If you just need a review of a QDRO drafted by the other party’s lawyer, or if you want a QDRO drafted to provide to your attorney for entry in the court, we can help you out. If you only want the language of Judgment reviewed to know how much you can offer to buy-out the Alternate Payee for, we can consult with you. If you have done everything but for the Motion for Entry of QDRO, or the court appearance, or need advice as to what you may stand to gain from the Participant’s pension plan, or 401(k) plan, we can help. If you received a Motion for a QDRO and want to contest it, contact us. We will provide a free intake to determine if we can help.


What if you think you could get more then you have been granted or if you could pay less than in the QDRO? The QDRO should implement the intention of the Judgment, but what if the Judgment is not clear, or is susceptible to multiple interpretations? We can challenge the QDRO, or appeal to a higher court. Note that challenges and appeals can be subject to strict deadlines.

Questions Answered

Do I have a right to my spouse’s retirement or pension plan? What is the difference between a pension and retirement account? Do I have to share mine? Can I trade it for something, and if so, what is it worth? These and any other questions related to the division of retirement and pension plans as a result of divorce are valid and we can help you find the answers and formulate an informed game-plan.

For Attorneys

Outsource your Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) or Qualified Illinois Domestic Relations Order (QILDRO) to us.


Maintain attorney-client confidentiality and professional responsibility over your client’s case by hiring a lawyer to handle the QDRO and QILDRO. Non-attorneys, such as actuaries and accountants do not have the same obligations toward you and your client as an attorney. As attorneys, we have personal liability for errors & omissions. Like you, we maintain a level of service &  insurance commensurate with that responsibility.


Minimize how much time you need to invest in the QDRO & QILDRO process by using another lawyer, familiar with divorce proceedings, to complete it. Quickly determine if all you need is a Plan Administrator approved draft QDRO or QILDRO, or if you want the whole of the remaining case taken off your shoulders (motion and appearance in court).


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